What are PageSpeed Insights and what does a good score mean for you? Improved performance? A wider audience? More effective marketing? Better search engine ranking?

The same but different

Imagine two identical websites. Website A and Website B.
Both have identical content, identical name, identical marketing budget. Identical colours, identical images, identical fonts and even identical animations. These two websites are identical in every way… on the surface.

Website B has been optimised. From the code that powers the visuals to the structure being more accessible for those that need it. From the images used throughout being compressed to the way they’re loaded for the end user.

The result of all this optimisation work means Website B scores highly with PageSpeed Insights and GTMatrix but why is that important? Simply put, search engines favour websites that have been optimised like Website B over those that haven’t, like Website A.

Website B will be open to a wider audience due to its implemented accessibility. Website B will load faster and the speed improvements will enforce the quality of the brand to its audience. Website B’s marketing budget will be more effective and most importantly, Website B will rank higher in search engines, more people will find it, visit it and buy from it.

Investing in great and thorough optimisation pays off.

We can work with existing websites or if you’re in the market – all our new builds come optimised as standard. It’s not an optional extra, it just the way we do things here!

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